kthulhu42: "I got a message in relation to my post from a while back about Pewdiepie and rape and triggers and suchlike. (Basically, I said I don’t care about rape jokes, watching rape scenes in films is far more triggering for me than anything Pewdie has ever said. Also I believe he can say what he wishes in his videos even if people find it offensive. That’s the way of the world.)

It was:

“If you’ve been raped and you don’t understand why rape jokes aren’t funny it probably wasn’t completely rape, or it wasn’t that bad for you.”

Pewdiepie might scream rape occasionally in his videos. But what you just did, Anon, you just trivialized my experience with sexual assault. You personally targeted me and trivialized my rape.

Congratulations, you’re a fucking hypocrite.”


This has been my take on jokes so far as well, they aren’t directed towards anyone and aren’t meant to hurt anyone either. That’s just something I’m not interested in. 

I listen to my viewers and if people think I say something bad, I actually take it in and change. I never seen anyone complain about making rape jokes before so it’s never been an issue until lately it’s been blowing up like its a “huge deal”.

Either way I just wanted to make clear that I’m no longer making rape jokes, as I mentioned before I’m not looking to hurt anyone and I apologize if it ever did.